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Milestones and Achievements

At P1 Fuels, we are revolutionizing the world of motorsport and classic car preservation with our cutting-edge, 100% non-fossil fuels. Our dedication to sustainability and performance has led to numerous groundbreaking milestones, making us a leader in the field of renewable energy for vehicles. Here are some of our proudest achievements:

First Formula 1 car powered by fossil-free fuel

 In a historic moment, Sebastian Vettel drove Nigel Mansell's iconic Williams "Red 5" at Silverstone F1 last year, showcasing the power and potential of our fossil-free fuel.


London to Brighton Veteran Run

1903 Covert made history as the first car to participate in this prestigious event using 100% non-fossil fuel, demonstrating that even vintage cars can benefit from modern sustainable technology.

First Bentley Win on 100% Non-Fossil Fuel

A vintage Bentley achieved a remarkable victory at Castle Combe, running entirely on our synthetic fuel. Read more

Mille Miglia Milestones

  • The Alfa Romeo Testa Fissa became the first car to complete the Mille Miglia using 100% non-fossil fuel, driven by a close friend of P1 Fuels. Discover the journey

  • Mercedes Benz was the first OEM to race the Mille Miglia on 100% non-fossil fuel, setting a new standard for future events.

Oldest Car on 100% Non-Fossil Fuel

The 1894 Mercedes Velo, one of the oldest cars in existence, successfully ran on our sustainable fuel. Learn more

First Bentley and First Goodwood Car on 100% Non-Fossil Fuel

A historic Bentley was the first car to run at Goodwood using our innovative fuel. Read the full story

Modern F1 Breakthrough

Sebastian Vettel’s RB7 Red Bull became the first modern F1 car to run on 100% non-fossil fuel, marking a significant step towards a sustainable future in top-tier motorsport.

FIA WRC Championship

Our fuel powered the first championship event in the FIA World Rally Championship, showcasing its reliability and performance under extreme conditions.

Historic Bugatti Achievement

Driving the Bugatti T23 Brescia at the Hertzberger Trophy, we set another record with the first Bugatti ever on 100% non-fossil fuel.

Ferrari and Jaguar Milestones

  • Sam, a renowned influencer and podcaster, drove the first Ferrari 360 on our sustainable fuel.

  • The Jaguar XJ220, driven by the founder of Gumball3000, was the first car at the event to run on our non-fossil fuel.

Goodwood Victory

Ben Collings clinched the first win at Goodwood in a 1931 Bentley 4.5 L, powered entirely by P1 Fuels.

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