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Our fossil-free fuels are meticulously engineered to meet the stringent requirements of aviation and marine industries, ensuring optimal performance, sustainability, and innovation in every vessel and aircraft. 

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Cruise on P1 Fuels

Thanks to our collaborative efforts with Mayla Yacht, P1 fossil-free fuels will power their latest model, the GT, delivering unmatched performance and sustainability on the water. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing sustainable solutions across various industries. 

P1 Fuels for racing on water

Through our partnership with the ARION Racing Team, P1 Fuels are powering their latest endurance racing machines, ensuring peak performance and sustainability on the water too. 

Fly on P1 Fuels

This April, thanks to the exceptional engineering of the the D-Motor team, the first helicopter to run entirely on 100% fossil-free fuels was launched, marking a historic milestone in sustainable aviation. 

P1 Fuels for your power tools

Precision-engineered for power tools and generators, our formulation ensures they operate at peak efficiency, delivering consistent power and extended durability. 



Our fuels are designed to cater to a wide range of engines, ensuring optimal performance across various applications. 



Partner with P1 Fuels and champion towards a greener automotive future with our fossil-free fuel: start reducing your carbon footprint today. 



P1 fossil-free fuels delivers the same high performance you expect, while also extending the life of your engine and minimising wear and tear. 

"Being a part of the competitive power boating world, the fuel we use is crucial to our performance. P1 Fuels has been our partner in every race, providing us with synthetic fuels that are not only efficient but also environmentally responsible. The reliability and sustainability of their fuels have given us a significant edge in competitions and have made us proud partners in championing a greener planet."

Maxime Chandelier

Arion Racing Team 

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