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P1 Fossil-free fuel reduces CO₂ emissions by up to 80 percent

8 Jul 2024

ADAC Foundation analyzes our Whitepaper published in collaboration with TU Darmstadt

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Fossil-free fuel reduces CO emissions by up to 92 percent

It is technically possible to fuel conventional cars and motorcycles with internal combustion engines using fossil-free fuel without requiring modifications to the engines or their software. This conclusion comes from a study by the Technical University of Darmstadt, funded by the ADAC Foundation. The study examined the fuel "Eco100Pro," which is certified as 100% non-fossil according to ISCC and RedCert standards.

At least 77 percent less CO emissions

The scientists followed the ADAC XC-Cup for a year, the first German motorsport series to use completely fossil-free fuel. Tests on engine test benches, racetracks, and a production car in road traffic showed no loss in performance or torque compared to conventional gasoline, no increase in fuel consumption, and no technical risk to the combustion engine. However, CO emissions were at least 77 percent lower.

The remaining CO emissions result from the production and transport of the fuel, calculated based on the EU energy mix (2022) and the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). If mostly renewable energy is used in production, CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 92 percent.

"The study results are encouraging and show that even existing vehicles can be converted to sustainable and climate-friendly mobility," said Karsten Schulze, Chairman of the ADAC Foundation Board of Trustees and ADAC e.V. Technology President. "Additionally, there is good news for junior and amateur motorsport enthusiasts: car and motorcycle races can completely abandon fossil fuels without major technical effort. Unfortunately, this progress is currently overshadowed by the high sales price."

About the ADAC XC-Cup

In the ADAC XC-Cup, participants race with standardized cross cars with Yamaha 3-cylinder engines producing 70 or 120 hp. The series, which started in 2022, offers young talents in the Junior class (ages 13 to 15) and senior drivers an affordable entry into off-road sports, laying the foundation for a rally career.

Research project: Replacing fossil fuels with synthetic fuels in motorsport

The research project "Replacing fossil fuels with synthetic fuels in motorsport" by the Technical University of Darmstadt was funded by the ADAC Foundation and supported by the German Motorsport Association. The study, including detailed descriptions of the experimental setup, measurement techniques, and results on fuel consumption, emissions, oil analysis, efficiency, exhaust temperatures, speed profiles, etc., can be found here.

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