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The low-carbon car of the future is the one you are driving today.

Motorsports have always been the driving force behind automotive technology advancement.
It is with this commitment to innovation that at P1 Fuels, we are pioneering the production of entirely fossil-free fuels. 
Our goal is to decarbonise the mobility sector, and we've started this journey with motorsports. By pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we're not just racing to win; we're racing to make a difference. 



We produce fossil-free fuels that work in any combustion engine with no need for modifications.

100% fossil-free

We produce sustainable fuel which is free of fossil components.

Drop-in fossil-free fuel

Direct replacement of fossil fuel- no engine or vehicle modification. 

Road Fuel Compliant

Can be legally sold at fuel stations in the US, Europe, and the UK.

80% GHG emission reduction

Today, P1 fuel emits 80% less CO₂ compared to normal fuel. 

RED II compliant 

Does not contain fossil components in accordance with the European Renewable Energy Directive. 

P1 FUELS-Drum-Render.png

High performance capability

The power of P1 Fuels matches the power of regular gasoline.

Ignite innovation. 

A German company with a global mission, P1 Fuels is at the forefront of pioneering fossil-free fuel development, catalysing the decarbonisation of the mobility sector. 

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