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Trusted Supplier of OEMs Worldwide

Trusted supplier of OEMs worldwide

The need for various reference and testing fuels to be exactly on-spec, shorter developing cycles, the ability to blend custom fuels, placing and tracking important orders, and the demand for non-standardized solutions – we know exactly which challenges our customers face in the current reference fuels and testing fuel market.

To serve these needs perfectly, we have built a fully digital platform that allows us to employ artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This platform enables our customers to drastically reduce the length of their R&D cycle for custom fuels from months to minutes. They can also exactly prioritize the specification parameters, get quotations instantly and place, track and pay orders simply online.

Renewable, Synthetic and Advanced Bio-Fuels for Automotive OEMs and Suppliers

For climate targets to be achieved, CO₂ emissions from traffic worldwide will have to be reduced by 50 percent over the next four decades, and by at least 85 percent in the advanced economies. Fossil-free and synthetic fuels from P1 provide automotive OEMs with a promising path to achieve significant GHG reductions while utilizing their internal combustion engine technologies. Such advances in fuel technology can make the internal combustion engine carbon neutral and thus sustainable.

Our product family of automotive fuels features various concentrations of renewable and synthetic content that meets international fuel regulations such as EN228 for EU or JIS for the Japanese markets.

Apart from our commercialized blends, we can deliver custom fuel blends based on your individual needs in very short lead times. We offer bespoke and white label solutions for oil companies from research and development through to fuel formulation and logistics.

OEM / Automotive Services

OEM / Automotive Services

  • Engine and Fuel Consulting
  • Full Logistics
  • On-Site-Refueling
  • Fuel-Analysis
  • On-Site Fuel Survey
  • E-Commerce with AI Fuel Creator

AI Fuel Platform

AI Fuel Platform

We believe the automotive industry is on the cusp of a monumental shift – one where agility, personalization, and innovation at speed will be the new normal. This is why we have used the power of AI to create a tool that could change the game across the industry – a real-time solution for fuel design and formulation.

Design your own Fuel From the Ground up

From designing a fuel and customizing more than 1,000 parameters, to quoting deliveries and tracking shipments, the P1 Fuels Creator combines the entire fuel manufacturing process in a single online interface and introduces unprecedented efficiency across departments.

Instant quotation &
transparent pricing

Get an instant real-time quotation for custom or standard fuels delivered anywhere in Europe.

Real-time Tracking

Easily follow the progress of your order online, from conception, through to testing, production, and delivery.

Design your own Fuel now!

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