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We deliver cutting edge performance fuels for multiple motorsport series. With over three decades of experience in motorsport, P1 Fuels brings together racing heritage, sophisticated R&D, and technical expertise. We specialize in the production and on-site delivery of high-quality racing fuels across multiple motorsport series, from rallying to GT racing, to two-wheelers.

Across the world of motorsport, series owners, event organizers and competitors alike are having to work with increasingly strict and complex international regulations for fuel handling and transport. Beyond the in-house capability to formulate, manufacture and distribute fuels at a global scale, P1 Fuels also provides end-to-end services from fuel delivery, to international customs clearance, direct-to-car refuelling, on-site support, and trackside fuels testing.

Our difference lies in the way our products are created – using an ISO-certified process to bring pure chemical components together at a molecular level, allowing us to engineer our fuels to perform to the maximum, time and time again, without the impurities present in gasoline-based fuels. This means one thing – consistent performance where it matters most.

Our Brand

Our Brand

The P1 Racing Fuels brand stands for exceptional quality and features a broad range of racing formulations, each specially developed and tested with the world’s leading auto manufacturers and OEMs to give the edge on the track. The proof is in our product, and we are proud to be the fuel of choice for numerous global racing championships, top competitors, and teams.

Covering Custom Solutions

Covering Custom Solutions

P1 innovates across the entire value chain of special fuel research, production and provides complete motorsport solutions that include services such as:

  • R&D
  • Formulation
  • Production
  • Branding
  • Global logistics
  • Professional refueling on track
  • Fuel laboratory services (FIA approved) incl. on track fuel scrutineering

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Ordering high performance and sustainable fuels from P1 is easy. Simply choose the desired fuel and quantity and place your order online. Only a few clicks and you are on your way to peak performance and reduced emissions.


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