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Is there a future for the ICE?

Most definitely yes. With the proliferation of fossil-free fuels, internal combustion engines will be a viable part of the future mobility mix. With the introduction of drop-in fossil free fuels for ICEs significant reduction of GHG can be achieved immediately and without the need to build new infrastructure, such as recharging stations.

What is the biggest challenge for P1 Fuels?

As an industry, we face a challenge to combat the negative stigma around ICEs caused by previous emissions scandals. In my opinion, this stigma has partially accelerated the quick adoption of electric vehicles and their incentivization by governments all around the world. Fossil-free fuels are a viable solution that helps us very efficiently decrease emissions of all the combustion engine powered vehicles on our roads quickly. Energy is a complex topic, and many rush to conclusions on various ideas without taking a holistic view of the problem.

EVs play an important role in our mobility mix, but it is naive to consider them carbon-neutral hence at the end of the day they are recharged by energy from power grids, which is not sustainable. The EU has 20% of renewable electricity, the rest is fossil.

The carbon clock is ticking, so to speak, and we must create an equal playing field for all technological solutions. If we are betting it all on EVs without sustainable energy grids, we lose valuable time. This will hurt us badly once we reach the point of no return in terms of CO2 emissions.

Where is P1 Fuels’ role in a climate neutral future?

Our role is to develop advanced fossil free performance fuels that power the highest levels of motorsport globally, to foster new technologies, and start a discussion on this important topic. What we test on the track, we will eventually bring to road cars.

What’s your vision for P1 Fuels?

We are already the leader in advanced fossil free fuels for motorsport applications, and I envision a future where we will bring such technologies to every road car around the world.

What drives you personally?

The carbon clock is ticking, and we are all on a tight timeline to significantly reduce CO2 emissions before we deplete our CO2 budget and reach a global warming of 1.5 resp. 2 degrees Celsius. I personally believe that we all need to play our part in order to circumvent global warming and enable a healthy future for future generations.