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Patrice Riviere: ‘ I strongly recommend anyone to become a P1 Racing Fuels distributor’

Patrice Riviere

At P1 Racing Fuels, we have started to conduct a series of interviews featuring drivers, Team Principals, and distributors. These interviews provide a deep insight into the lives of these motorsport enthusiasts and why they chose P1 Racing Fuels. Furthermore, the interviews highlight the high standard of performance we hold towards our mutual success.

Our first article features Patrice Riviere, who is the founder of PRivTech Engineering and P1 Racing Fuels´ trusted French distributor. Patrice has accumulated over fifteen years of experience in the industry, holding positions such as an Engine Management Systems Project Leader and Lead Manager in motorsport engines for Renault Sport. Moreover, from 2005 to 2008, Patrice was a key part of the World Championship F1 Team with Fernando Alonso. His experience and mentality alongside our collective drive for victory are exactly what has blended Patrice’s strong partnership with P1 Racing Fuels.

P1 Racing Fuels: Patrice, could you share exactly what PRiv Tech Engineering is and what differentiates it?

Patrice: PRivTech is written in one word with 3 capital letters “P”, “R”, and “T” for Patrice Riviere Technology. It’s a company dedicated to motorsport powertrain development. It has been created by myself in 2014 but, since we bought another company at the end of 2018, we have now 2 sites: one in Magny-Cours and the other in Annecy, close to Geneva.

Patrice added that the company provides different services at the two sites mentioned above. The first one being engine development using advanced dynamic engine dynamometers, which are rarely used at smaller motorsport engine companies. Furthermore, PRivTech runs tests in Magny-Cours on cars with innovative transportable ROTOTEST hub-dynamometer. PrivTech also delivers engine and system race technical support thanks to a strong knowledge of all main motorsport ECU’s. This wide range of experience and knowledge is what has lead PRivTech to be our dependable France distributor.

P1 Racing Fuels: How did you come across P1 Racing Fuels?

Patrice: I met Martin Popilka (P1 Racing Fuels CEO) some years ago when I was working at Renault Sport and we built then a professional relationship that resulted in a partnership to invite our costumers to use P1´s Racing Fuels. A few months after I created the company, Martin contacted me and proposed me to become P1´s French dealer.

P1 Racing Fuels: Why did you decide to distribute P1 Racing Fuels?

Patrice: Considering the great partnership I experienced with P1 in the past when I was working at Renault Sport, I accepted immediately when Martin asked me to become their French dealer. P1 Racing Fuels are clearly among the best motorsport fuels and as part of the engine performance, there was no way for me to miss the opportunity to become P1´s representative in France. My target is clearly to develop the best engines and the best services to my customers. That’s the reason why we have a dynamic engine dyno and an innovative transportable hub dynamometer. It’s made to develop the best. As so, I was very thankful when Martin offered this opportunity to me to use and represent one of the best fuels, maybe even the very best fuel, for the motorsport market.

P1 Racing Fuels: What did you like the most about P1 Racing Fuels and what do you think differentiates them from other offers in the market?

Patrice: What I like the most is firstly built on my experience. Each time I made dyno tests campaigns with different fuels in the past, P1 was the very best or among the bests. P1 Racing Fuels marketing also inspires the best. I like the brand, the colors, and P1… means pole position. The fact P1 guys keep on improving their products and react positively and quickly to any issue show how powerful the team is. Martin was a competitor. He knows what the teams and drivers need, not only in terms of products but also in terms of services. I know I can count on him to provide the best.

P1 Racing Fuels: What do your customers like the most about P1 Racing Fuels?

Patrice: It’s clearly the performance and a reasonable price. The success of sales is based on the very good balance between the performance of the fuels and the price. The fact that P1 fuels are built molecule by molecule makes their customers comfortable and trustful. They know they will have the same fuel from the beginning of the season to the end. There’s no need to be afraid of any discrepancy between batches. It will always be the same and it will always perfectly fit the mapping they built.

P1 Racing Fuels: Would you recommend being a distributor a P1 Racing Fuels?

Patrice: I strongly recommend anyone to become a P1 Racing Fuels distributor. It’s a success story and it’s THE brand to work with, like the place to be! But, please, deal in other countries. France is mine!