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Our Story

Our story started by pushing the boundaries of our advanced race fuels at race tracks around the world.


Breaking the rules

P1 Racing Fuels was formed with one intention only: to develop the world’s best performing racing fuel. Taking a data-centric approach we have spent considerable resources researching exotic chemical components and developing novel formulations. Our research, production and evaluation process was refined to a state where we are able to rapidly develop custom formulations for various racing applications.


Complete solutions delivered globally

On our mission to enable customer success we see fuel as only a mere part of the delivered solution. From custom formulation, manufacturing, global logistics to on-event services - such as vehicle refueling or fuel analysis - we provide industry-leading solutions enabling our customers to focus on their core activities - winning races!


Trusted supplier

Coming from the motorsports world we understand that logistics play an integral role in our value proposition. We have developed internal tools to enable us to manage the entire logistics process efficiently.


While working with our automotive OEM customers on developing racing fuels we were asked to solve their core business problems.

After evaluating the challenges our customers face we realized that the current reference fuels and testing fuel market is broken. OEMs were repeatedly facing the challenges of various reference and testing fuels being off-spec, extremely long cycles for developing and blending custom fuels, or complete inability of suppliers to offer any non-standardized solution. The process of receiving quotations, placing orders and tracking them was seen as outdated and full of inaccuracies.


P1 Racing Fuels starts its transformation to P1 Performance Fuels

P1 decides to enter the reference and testing fuels business and initial batches of fuels are delivered to customers in 2018.


We built an advanced, fully digital platform for the reference and testing fuel industry

Having witnessed the shortcomings of current solutions we have built a fully digital platform that allows us to employ artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This enables our customers to drastically reduce the length of the R&D cycle for custom fuels from months to minutes, prioritize the specification parameters that pose them the biggest issues, get quotations instantly as well as place, track and pay orders online.


ISO Certified

To ensure that the principles of customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continuous improvement are embedded into our quality management we have achieved and maintain ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Customizable Reference, Testing and Racing fuels for Automotive & Aerospace customers available 72 hours from order.