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P1 has long been active in the design and engineering of advanced fuel additives for its range of performance fuels. We decided to commercialize our proprietary additives as a standalone product for the application in the petrochemical industry to treat retail fuels and support its customers in providing consumers with high-quality fuels available at their local fuel stations. P1 Advanced Additives are developed based on extensive knowledge gained in motorsport applications around the world and do not contain any non-essential components.

We provide a wide range of additive packages and provide development of tailor-made profiles according to customer requirements.

Innovation & expertise:
  • Combustion improvement
  • Fuel economy/consumption reduction
  • Increased engine power/efficiency
  • Reduced atmospheric emissions
  • Fuel and biofuel stabilization
  • Optimization of engine and equipment operating parameters
Product types:

1. Solvent-free, high-performance multifunctional biodegradable concentrates for improved combustion, reduced consumption and atmospheric emissions

2. Solvent and/or cetane booster based performance packages, made from combinations of concentrates and performance ‘building blocks’

Fuel Additives Building Blocks
Business Segments / Customer profiles
Business Segments

Customizable Reference, Testing and Racing fuels for Automotive & Aerospace customers available 72 hours from order.